We have a question for you...

...and we want you to consider your answer thoughtfully: What is the most important concept your children can learn during their brief years under your roof? You know, as we know, that the most significant thing your children can grasp before entering the world is the Truth of Jesus Christ. At the very core of your parent-heart, you desire more than anything for your children to thrive in their faith and abilities. But you also know that these values are increasingly under fire in our culture and sadly, in our public schools. Shouldn't it be crucial then, to guarantee this moral foundation through everything your children learn during their many hours at school? For the lessons they absorb from their peers, teachers, and curriculum to be in sync with your church and home? That is why we're here. 

Mount Paran Christian school exists to provide exemplary academics in small classes with Christ at the center. Our job is to prepare this generation — in the classroom, on the ball field, on the stage, and ultimately in our community. From the smallest three-year-old to the tallest high school senior, we prepare servant-leaders to honor God, love others, and walk in Truth. This is our highest priortiy, as it is yours.


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Crucial Early-Childhood Foundations

The key to unlocking each child’s potential is to begin with the end in mind. Our ever-changing world requires individuals to be persistent, resourceful, creative, and confident problem-solvers with both knowledge of and empathy for the world around them. From the first day students walk in our doors, they will encounter a loving environment where these qualities are modeled, taught, and supported. This foundation serves our students well as many graduates who began MPCS in preschool are now thriving at schools such as Columbia, UC Berkeley, Duke, and MIT

It all starts with our early-childhood programs in preschool through second grade. We encourage you to come visit the classrooms to witness innovative learning first-hand. You will get a face-to-face meeting with state-certified and degreed early-childhood educators to ask questions and get answers about how your child might benefit from challenging, age-appropriate instruction and a focus on nurturing their walk with God.

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Homeschool Hybrid

Mount Paran Christian School will offer a pilot Homeschool Hybrid program for the 2018-2019 academic year available in kindergarten and first grade. This pilot program will provide a two-and-a-half-day option for families who have chosen a homeschool option and want to experience the exemplary advantages of a Christian education. The program will focus on language arts, math, and Bible instruction, with chapel, exploratory, and enrichment experiences offered while on campus. Click here to learn more about the program or other homeschool connections opportunities.


Get to Know MPCS

Mount Paran Christian School is a PreK3 - 12th grade private, covenantal Christian, college-preparatory school. MPCS is committed to excellence in academics, award-winning arts, and championship athletics, all within a Christian environment and small class sizes. Founded in 1976, MPCS is fully accredited (SAIS/AdvancED) and located in near Kennesaw Mountain on a 68-acre collegiate-like campus. Sign-up for a Weekly Wednesday Tour or the Homeschool Hybrid K-1st Information Session today!