Cultivated in a Christ-centered Environment

Colossians 3:23-24 explains that mediocrity is not a biblical concept. Mount Paran Christian School believes that academic rigor is never second to a safe, christ-centered environment. We are committed to educating children with excellence as unto the Lord — it is our mission, and our calling.

Our high-achieving preschool program and exemplary lower and middle school curriculum overly prepares students for the challenges that await in the MPCS high school. With more than 56 AP and honors courses as well as a successful Directed Studies program for differentiated learning, MPCS provides the full spectrum of academic opportunities for all students. Small class sizes enable students at any level to thrive and succeed in their high school career. Ninety-nine percent of our graduates are accepted into college, including universities such as Cornell, Duke, Georgia Tech, MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, UGA (20% of class) and UCLA, with more than $5.4 million in scholarship offers (before HOPE).

We understand that all parents, even those with preschoolers, want to be confident that an independent school will provide the best possible education for their child. Take a look at these short videos highlighting our high school curriculum and course offerings. You will meet department chairs, a few students, and counselors to help you learn what academic excellence looks like at MPCS.


MPCS High School Curricular Course Offerings